Manufactured Homes and Millennials

Many of us in our 40s and 50s (or older) might be surprised by some of the stuff Milllennials like (craft brews? Really?). But as that generation approaches first-time home buying age, there is one area in which their outlook should be admired – their appreciation of manufactured homes.

Millennials are hitting their mid to late 20s, and many will be purchasing a home within the next ten years. While it’s impossible to characterize an entire generation, it has been speculated that most will seek housing that they can not only afford, but that also provides an opportunity for sustainability.

This is the generation that grew up hearing phrases like climate change and global warming. They feel a much greater responsibility to the environment as a result, and prefer products that compliment their commitment to saving energy and living a green lifestyle.

Manufactured and modular homes fit that description. Factory construction makes more efficient use of building materials, and any leftover lumber, drywall, wiring and plumbing can be reused or repurposed instead of being thrown away. According to the National Association of Home Builders, manufactured homes can eliminate as much as 75% of the 8,000 pounds of waste generated in the construction of a 2,000 square-foot site-built home.

The manufactured housing industry has shown a further commitment to green solutions with the establishment of the EnergyStar program, which identifies and promotes energy-efficient heating, cooling, water heating and appliances.

For Millennials, given the state of the job market and the size of their student loans, it also doesn’t hurt that factory-built homes are not just more eco-friendly, the starting price point is lower as well.

At Ma Williams we welcome the chance to show first-time homebuyers all of the benefits of our beautiful manufactured homes. Questions? We’re here to help.