Manufactured Homes: Living the California Dream for Less is a Toronto-based website that offers a lot of interesting demographic information on a wide range of subjects. The chart that caught our eye was a listing of the ten U.S. cities with the most expensive home prices.

Seven of them are located in the state of California.

Actually, it’s not that surprising given all of the advantages that California has to offer: beautiful natural scenery, a gorgeous coastline, outstanding entertainment and restaurants, good schools, and a year-round climate that is the envy of the other 49 states.

Who wouldn’t want to live here? The problem is finding a way to afford it. For thousands of new residents, manufactured homes are the answer.

Fortunately, California excels in this industry, not just in the architectural style and availability of the homes, but in quality as well.

Here, every new manufactured home must meet rigid construction and inspection standards enforced jointly by the state and the federal government. This construction code emphasizes efficient factory building techniques, resulting in a final product that is beautiful, durable and energy efficient.

If living in California is your dream, don’t be intimidated by high home prices. With manufactured homes you can move in to a home that fits your needs at a cost significantly lower than that of site-built houses.

Your choices won’t be limited either. Ma Williams works with the best manufacturers in the state, all of whom offer homes in a variety of floor plans, sizes and styles. Each of these can be customized to fit your individual taste and budget.

We have helped customers throughout the state into the home of their dreams. Whether you wish to live close to the city or out in the country, there are locations zoned for manufactured housing that will fit your lifestyle, and allow you to take advantage of all the wonderful things that California has to offer.

Start exploring your California manufactured home options