Can you make a room in your manufactured home look bigger? Of course – there are tricks of the decorating trade that have been around for decades, that work just as well in factory-built homes as they do in those built on site.

Here are some of our favorites.

Add an Area Rug

As we all learned from the film The Big Lebowski, the right rug can really tie a room together. With area rugs, bigger is always better – the more ground the rug covers, the bigger the room will feel.

Proportional Furniture

Proportional is a fancy way of saying select furniture that’s an appropriate size for the room. If the couch and the coffee table are scaled correctly for the square footage of the room, it will make the room appear more spacious. If the furniture is too big the room will look smaller.

Take Some Stuff Out

A lot of accessories and knick-knacks can make a room seem more crowded, which contributes to a feeling of less space.


Hanging curtains higher to the ceiling can make a room seem more elongated.


By reflecting images, colors and light, mirrors add an appearance of additional space.

Lighter Colors

Whites and beiges help make a room feel bigger and more open. That applies not just to the paint on the walls but the furniture and décor as well.

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