Land-Home Packages

The vast majority of our business here at “Ma” Williams is helping people build their custom homes while saving 25% – 35% of the cost in the process. You may be thinking “Yes, but it’s not a site-built home” and you’re right it’s not, it’s better in many ways. For example, our homes are built on well insulated wooden sub-floor, not on cold hard concrete. The manufactured homes are also built in a controlled environment and inspected daily by an on-site HUD inspector. So, if you haven’t seen our 1,800 to 3,048 square feet custom homes, you’re in a for a big surprise.

When finished you will enjoy a completely custom manufactured home on a property located wherever you want and financed through any source you choose. (F.H.A., V.A., CAL-VET, Fm.H.A. or Conventional).

Briefly – here’s how it works

First of all there are three main components that account for the total costs: property, home and site preparation.


Most people buy their property at the time they buy their home. For those of you who don’t have your property, our in-house realtor, specializing in land purchases, would be happy to assist you in your land search.

Those of you who already have property for your home may use the equity as your down payment for your land-home package loan.

Manufactured Home

Our homes range in size from 940 square feet up to and over 3,000 square feet. The amenities (options) that may be added to the homes include upgrades to carpet, draperies, kitchen cabinets, appliances, Corian counter tops, 3 cell clerestory skylights, tile roofs, stucco, log siding exteriors, and many many more.

Site Preparation

Site prep consists of bringing all utilities to the home and may include some or all of the following: foundation, garages, driveways, walkways, septic systems, water meters, water wells, porches, decks and more. To make sure the site work meets the needs of your new home the contractor you choose from the list we provide, will go over all aspects of your site design.

Remember: Shop for your best bid (don’t use in-house contractors).


Once the costs for all three components are ascertained, the financing can move to it’s final stages which includes an appraisal on the project. More often than not the appraisal will indicate a value on the package at more than your total costs for the property, home and site preparation.


In the last 15 years we’ve pioneered the process of putting custom manufactured homes on private property. We offer our customer’s lenders who are knowledgeable about land-home packages. We also supply our customers a list of site preparation contractors who have shown themselves to be competent and competitive with their bids. Let “Ma” Williams take the headache out of your custom home purchase. Remember “Ma” Williams has been the low-price leader for many years and “Ma” sez “WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!” Finally, let it be known that “Ma” Williams DOES NOT receive any compensation for our referrals, we simply offer the better companies to you in order to facilitate your needs.