• Southern California has gone through some pretty horrific fires in the last few years. And “Ma” Williams understands that it takes time to prepare and get ready to rebuild. Let us help you through the rebuilding process! You have already been through enough! “Ma” Williams will save you time, money, aggravation, and help you with your insurance company to make sure this process is as easy as possible.
  • To help facilitate in every avenue possible, we have gathered all discounts that fire victims can benefit from. You have gone through enough with loss from the fires and if we can help you save money for furniture, title insurance, home and site preparation, that is what we are here to do.
  • Need to replace furniture for you new home?
    Pottery barn is offering a 15% discount to fire victims: Discount to Fire Victims
  • Title Insurance is Important!
    First American 40% Discount for Fire victims and free help replacing mortgage documents: Title Insurance Discount for Fire Victims
  • Information specific for the Sylmar Fire Victims: Oakridge has created a website to give specific updates for returning residents including updated architectural requirements, etc. Project Oakridge