Get to Know Skyline Homes

Companies, like people, are defined by what they do; for us, that means taking the time to get to know our customers, and what they are looking for in the home of their dreams.

We proudly provide manufactured and modular homes from such top-quality sources as Skyline, which offers a wide range of home sizes and styles, from 500 to more than 3,600 square feet.

According to The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes, Skyline is “a stable well-capitalized company” that is distinguished from its competition by “excellent construction in well-run factories, superior finish work, (a) well-established reputable dealer network, and superior warranty.”

Skyline’s history in factory-built homes is rich in tradition. Based in Elkhart, Indiana, the company has continued its commitment to producing the very best factory-built homes at the very best prices. They have earned their reputation as an uncompromising manufacturer, through local communities, suppliers and retailers.

All Skyline homes are covered by a “No-Nonsense” 15-month warranty, among the very best in the industry. The warranty gives new homeowners the assurance that comes from working with a company with more than six decades of building. Consumer safety and satisfaction is the first priority. Skyline’s skilled builders take a focused approach to every detail when constructing your home.

Green building is another priority. As an Energy Star® partner, Skyline homes may allow homeowners to save as much as 30% off their monthly energy bills. Skyline achieves this by using top-grade insulation, extensive caulking and tight construction to eliminate unwanted drafts, high-performance windows and doors, and low-escape air ducts. Additional upgrades are available to meet more rigorous EPA energy standards of a Qualified Energy Star home, from additional insulation to high-efficient furnaces.

Quality is paramount at every stage of work. Ma Williams participates in the Skycare Customer Care Program, which utilizes factory service technicians to complete many of the steps, after delivery and setup, required in the completion of your new Skyline home.

We would be honored if you would consider buying your next home from your friendly experts at Ma Williams and Skyline homes.

Next Month: We’ll take a closer look at Silvercrest, another brand Ma Williams is proud to offer.