The Cities We Serve: Idyllwild

At a time when change seems to be coming at us from every direction, one of the greatest appeals of a place like Idyllwild is how much of it remains the same. You can look at photos taken one hundred years ago of the surrounding tall pines, cedars and rock formations, and see the same vistas traveling there today.

We can thank some of Idyllwild’s earliest residents for that. They wished to preserve the beauty of the San Jacinto Mountains, and set out to protect large areas of their forested regions.

Today, the California Department of Parks and Recreation administers more than 12,000 acres in an almost primitive condition. Adjacent to the state park are thousands of acres preserved by the U.S. Forest Service under provisions of the National Wilderness Act.

Of course, they still don’t live like the pioneers here. At Ma Williams, we’ve helped relocate many people to the area that are now living in beautiful, spacious manufactured homes with all of the modern conveniences.

And, thanks to a steady (though never overwhelming) influx of tourists and day-trippers, Idyllwild is also home to several excellent restaurants, and local venues featuring art shows and music performances. For those who prefer the quiet life, there is still always something to do.

This is not a place to consider if you still need to work in Los Angeles or San Diego, as you’d be facing a 120-mile drive each way every day. But if you are looking for a place to retire, surrounded by picture-postcard views of nature, Idyllwild may be the closest you’ll get to heaven on earth.

If you are ever in the market for a manufactured home in Idyllwild, let Ma Williams help you find the perfect home in the perfect location.