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ADUs for Adult Children

As a result of economics, a fluctuating job market, housing shortages and other factors, adult children tend to stay home longer these days.

When that happens, an ADU may prove an ideal solution for parents who had hoped for more living space after the kids move out, as well as for young adults who want to have their own place but cannot yet afford to leave home.

Comfort and Privacy

The smallest ADUs have 400 square feet, certainly sufficient for a single resident. On the larger end, California allows homeowners to build up to 1,200 square feet.

Everything You Need From One Source

Ma Williams can work with you to locate your ADU properly on your property. If you already own the land, we’ll go over what’s involved with zoning, grading, permits and other factors in the development process.

Financing is another significant consideration, and here is where Ma Williams’ experience as a trusted, family-owned business since 1969 can make the process easier.

If an ADU sounds like something that would be prefect for your adult children, I hope you’ll let us help you turn that wish into a reality. Call us and let’s find out. And from my family to yours, thank you for considering Ma Williams.

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