2017 Home Décor Trends

Every year, a select group of experts emerge like groundhogs on February 2 to issue their proclamations of what is “in” this year when it comes to home décor.

Design trends are always interesting to read even if you don’t choose to follow them. Usually you can pick up a few good ideas for perking up the look of your home.

What’s hot for 2017? Here’s what the pros are saying.


What’s black and white and cool all over? Your home, if you want to be part of the ‘in’ crowd. The perception, carried over from last year, is that black and white hues add class to a room. For those who find these opposite colors too stark, cream and indigo tones are also trending upward.


Soft and swirling are hot – stiff and rigid are out. That’s good news if you’re in the market for a new couch, and prefer something that’s as comfortable as it is trendy. And here’s more good news – washable fabrics that require less maintenance are also preferred to those that are more high maintenance.


Whether it’s hardwood floors or the wood in your coffee table, the buzzword now is “reclaimed.” It not only supports save-the-planet initiatives like recycling, salvaged wood from old barns and doors result in pieces with more history and character.


Gold and brass are in for faucets and door handles; chrome and nickel are out.


The paintings are sculptures and other art objects that adorn your home will always be dictated more by your personal taste than what some expert says. But if you’re curious, there’s a trend now toward large, framed photographs over paintings as room accents. Reproductions of photos and paintings are both acceptable – just don’t try to convince anyone that the Georgia O’Keeffe in your bedroom is the original.

See anything you like? If not, don’t worry – they’ll be back again in 2018 with a new list of suggestions!