Value, Integrity, Experience: More Than Just Words at Ma Williams

If you have ever read the “About Us” page on this website (and we hope you do!) you’ll find this statement:

Why Do Business with Ma?

Just three words:

  • Value
  • Integrity
  • Experience

They are words you will likely find on a lot of websites, but that’s all they are unless they are backed by a commitment to live up to the standard they set. So we’d like to take a moment to tell you how we strive to do so every day.


Manufactured homes are priced lower than stick-built homes. There are a lot of reasons for this, but none of them have anything to do with a lower quality. Today’s manufactured homes are often indistinguishable from houses built the traditional way.

Every new manufactured home must meet rigid construction and inspection standards enforced jointly by the state and the federal government. This construction code emphasizes efficient factory building techniques, resulting in a final product that is beautiful, durable and energy efficient.

So you’re getting value as soon as you decide on a manufactured home. But Ma Williams doesn’t stop there: we simply won’t be undersold. You can always be assured of a home from one of the top builders in the industry, at the best value available.


You won’t hear promises from us that we can’t keep. We’ll always tell you the truth about your home purchase, and keep our word as we go through the purchasing, financing and building process.

Honesty can be a tough attribute to prove with just words. Even the most shady used car dealer will claim to provide an honest deal. So we don’t expect you to take our word for this – instead, take a look at the testimonials we’ve received from countless satisfied customers. We are always happy to let them speak for us.


We have been in business more than 50 years. The manufactured home business has certainly changed over that time, and we’ve kept up with those changes, leveraging our experience to stay on top of what is happening in new home construction.

We know this business inside and out. We know which manufacturers always deliver a quality product. We know where the problem areas exist in the permit and financing process and how to minimize or eliminate them. We introduced the land/home package, whereby a manufactured or modular home is placed on fee simple real estate with a permanent foundation.

That is why our company is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. And it’s why you can trust us to go above and beyond to help you move into the home of your dreams.