Top Home Décor Trends of 2021

Many of us have never been more relieved to turn the calendar page and welcome in a new year.

No need to rehash the reasons why – we’ve all been through a lot. And with the arrival of January it’s time to put 2020 in the rear view mirror and look forward to better times ahead. One way to do that is with a new look for your manufactured home.

For those exploring the possibilities of a fresh start, here are some ideas from several top interior design blogs and magazines.

Indoor Plants

With so many of us confined to our homes for much of last year, either out of personal choice or government edict, indoor plants became a way to bring the beauty of nature into our interiors. This will likely continue in 2021.

Home Office

Those forced to work at home in 2020 often did so within a makeshift home office cobbled together in the corner of a bedroom or family room. But even after we’re back to normal, many employees may still have the option of working from home – and most will likely embrace it.

That being the case, this could be the year to create a more functional and appealing office space, in an area that won’t have everyone tripping over cords splayed across the floor. This could be achieved with conversion of a spare bedroom, or in an existing room with the use of a room divider. Some people are even converting closets into offices.

Retro Chic

It’s understandable that last year provoked nostalgic feelings for happier times. This year those feelings may inspire changes to patterns, furnishings and accessories that contribute to those pleasant memories. Let your imagination run wild – retro color palettes, bold plaids, chairs and lamps or maybe a few knickknacks like the ones in your parents’ home (or grandparents’ home) when you were growing up.

Beauty on a Budget

Perhaps this seems like the worst time to bring up a decorating project, after so many people suffered financial setbacks last year. But there are a few changes you can make that aren’t costly but will add a fresh look to any living space. Dried flowers are a colorful touch that will last forever. Check out thrift stores and flea markets for original paintings and sculptures – you’d be surprised as the beautiful pieces being created by unknown artists.

The Year of the Bidet

Bidets are commonplace in Europe and other countries, but they never really caught on in the U.S. But if the toilet paper shortage of 2020 is still fresh in your mind, maybe its time has come after all.

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