Summer Home Project Ideas

If you live where the weather is wonderful year round, as we do in California, then any time is a great time for outdoor projects. But there’s something about summer that makes it feel like the right season for getting things done. Maybe it’s the fact that the kids are out of school and can pitch in (whether they want to or not!)

Looking for some summer projects that will benefit your manufactured home? Here are a few ideas for do-it-yourself indoor and outdoor maintenance that can save you hundreds of dollars over hiring a professional.


Is it time for a fresh coat of paint? Not only will it make your manufactured home look brand new, it provides additional protection against UV light.

Did you wash all the windows for spring cleaning? You may want to do it again. That’s the thing about windows – they don’t stay clean. If you get too many streaks try this tip: wash with a mix of water and vinegar, and dry with a newspaper. Sounds strange but it works!

Do you have a garden? Don’t forget the mulch – it will help to cut down on weed growth, and it helps to hold moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often. Anywhere from 1 to 3 inches on the garden bed should suffice. You can buy mulch at any garden store, or you can also use grass clippings, fallen leaves, or shredded bark.

Summer is also bug season, and this is the time to take precautions to keep insects outside the house. These include making sure any bushes or plants around the home do not directly touch the siding or foundation.


Caulking can help keep bugs out as well, while also keeping hot air and rainwater outside where they belong. It’s one of the easiest home projects yet also one most often overlooked.

Summer is also a good time to replace any filters and clean your vents. Start with the one in the dryer – not the lint trap, which you probably already clean after every load, but the actual dryer vent. Remove the filter and use a long-handled brush to sweep out the space.

Don’t forget the furnace filter as well. Replace it if it’s dirty.

Once you have finished these projects, sit back and relax with a glass of lemonade, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer.