Skyline Homes Merges With Champion Homes

At Ma Williams we are proud to offer a huge selection of Skyline manufactured homes. The company is highly regarded in the industry and receives wonderful reviews from homeowners, who appreciate all the little extra features that make a Skyline home special.

So we were excited to learn that Skyline has merged with another prominent manufactured home builder, Champion Homes. The new company, Skyline Champion, is now the largest factory-built housing company in the United States, with 36 manufacturing facilities in ten locations across the nation.

Skyline Champion will offer manufactured, modular and park model homes as well as commercial structures.

Obviously this will mean a lot of behind-the-scenes executive shuffling and operational improvements. But what will this change mean for current and future manufactured home customers? News coverage of the merger offers one promising possibility – reduced overhead costs within the new company that will result in direct cost savings that will keep manufactured home costs low.

We’re excited about this because we’ve been Skyline fans for a long time. There’s such marvelous flexibility in their floor plans, as well as so many ways to further customize them so they fit the needs of each family.

Skyline homes are built from quality, energy-efficient materials. Factory floor inspections make sure every component meets the company’s high standards. If you move into a Skyline home, don’t be surprised if your power bill drops, because of how well they are put together.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans now live in Skyline homes. If you are considering a manufactured home, Ma Williams can show you all of the Skyline options, as well as other homes from top manufacturers. You’re sure to find something that’s just right.

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