Modular Millennials Creator Shares Her Ma Williams Story

Time was running out for Max and Shay Lechner on their dream of finding the perfect manufactured home.

“I went through 13 different home dealers while we were in escrow on our land,” Shay recalled. “No one was reliable. It got down to the wire on the last day; our escrow on the land was going to be terminated at 5pm after four months of trying to put together a build team.”

Thankfully, she contacted Ma Williams that morning. “From that first phone call, I knew that we finally had a reliable company,” she said. Here’s the rest of her story, in her own words:

“We had fallen in love with our land and were trying to think outside of the box on how we could build an affordable “forever home”. We had done a lot of research, but there is not much information on Prefab/Modular Homes out there. We had limited knowledge from our research and Ma Williams was the only dealer that seemed competent in their craft, surprisingly.

“They believed in our difficult build project from the beginning. They allowed us to be as creative as we wanted to be. They were always there for us throughout the process. It can get very messy, but I knew I had a great team behind me.”

Once her home buying nightmare had ended, Shay set out to become a source for the kind of the information that she had missed during her own search for tips and ideas about the manufactured and modular home market. Modular Millennials was launched in November of 2020, after the Lechners had cleared escrow, closed on the land and had their build crew ready to go.

“I created Modular Millennials as a platform to show other people our age and for those on a budget that they too can create their dream homes for much less than the traditional stick build. You just have to get creative,” she said. “I created an entire team of people and companies that are reliable and willing to work together to get your home built, which is a part of the battle. I have been sharing our entire story through my Modular Millennials Instagram and plan on educating and guiding others through a more seamless build with the knowledge and skills I have gained through our home build journey.”

A Modular Millennials YouTube channel is coming soon, but for now you can check out the Instagram page here. ( And if you want your manufactured home build journey to be seamless as well, talk to a Ma Williams representative today!

And if you want your manufactured home build journey to be seamless as well, talk to a Ma Williams representative today!