Modular Homes are Having a Moment

Over the years many phenomena have been more popular in Europe than they have in America: High-speed rail systems, a glass of wine with dinner, David Hasselhoff.

And now, you can add modular homes to that list. You’ll find them all over England, Scotland, Germany and Spain, and now they’re gaining a larger foothold in Denmark, Sweden and other northern European countries. In some places, they account for more than 50% of total annual builds.

Such considerable numbers may never be matched here in America, where about 90% of homes are still built the traditional way. But there is certainly no reason why the modular boom won’t gain a few more converts closer to home.

At Ma Williams we’re certainly optimistic about this, as we’ve known for years about the high level of quality control that exists with modular building, and how far this type of manufacturing has progressed over the past two decades.

For a long time one of the biggest issues Americans had with modular homes is the perception that they’re all the same – that they come out of a kit in one shape and size and style, take it or leave it.

That is not an accurate assessment of the industry, but the stigma persisted – and that would not do in a country where we like things our way, whether we’re choosing options on a new car or ordering our hamburgers with extra ketchup and no pickles.

Today’s Modular Homes: Customize Away!

Now, through the use of computer-aided design, modular homes can be customized the same way as a stick-built home. You want the structure a little bigger than the model? No problem. Make the master bedroom larger, or open up the whole floor plan.

And you’ll get all of the other benefits of any type of factory-built home: top-quality components, upscale features, durability, comfort and a price that’s lower than a comparable home built the old-fashioned way.

Ask a Ma Williams team member about our modular homes options. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions.