Manufactured Skyscrapers? They’re already here!

You’ve heard of manufactured homes – if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be on our website reading this blog.

But manufactured skyscrapers? Believe it or not, they are already being created in several places; including a warehouse in Lathrop, California.

It was only a matter of time. Homebuilders here have many goals – accelerating construction time, lowering building costs, and increasing the supply of units for all those who want to live in California (preferably at a cost they can afford).

Manufactured housing satisfies all of these goals. Homes can be completed in about half the time of those built through traditional methods (in part because there are no weather-related construction delays), and with 20% lower building costs. And manufactured homes start at a lower price point than stick-built homes, while offering all of the same (and sometimes even better) amenities.

So if it works for single-family units, why not try it on apartment buildings and other larger structures?

In Oakland, five-story apartment complexes built in a factory are already welcoming tenants.

One company, RAD Urban, has a factory with 40 workstations, able to churn out apartment complexes with more than 100 units, each one averaging 360 square feet. These units can be combined into 2- and 3-bedroom living spaces.

What’s on the drawing board? Two mixed-use apartment towers for uptown and downtown Oakland. Each tower will have nearly 200 apartments, and will rise 29-stories. The company says they will be the tallest pre-fab apartment buildings in North America.

At Ma Williams we can’t offer you an apartment building just yet, but we do feature some of the finest, customizable manufactured homes from the industry’s top builders.

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