Manufactured Homes: The Quest For More Closet Space

Though modern manufactured home floor plans feature multiple closets, many families still seem to run out of space. It’s a challenge not unique to this industry – site-built homeowners also contend with having too much stuff for their closets and storage space.

Is there anything that can be done, without moving into a larger home? Here are a few tips for maximizing the space available, and finding new places that are as appealing as they are useful.

Out With the Old…

One of the easiest ways of creating more closet space is getting rid of some of the clutter that is there now. Dive deep into your closets and dig out anything you don’t need anymore. You are sure to find items that can be discarded, and some clothing that can be donated, or sold at your next yard sale.


Once you only have to worry about storing stuff you wish to keep, how can you make the most of the space available? For closets with the standard single rod and top shelf design, you can double your clothes-hanging space with a second rod, positioned just high enough so the clothes aren’t touching the floor. You may also be able to add additional shelves near the top, for items like shoes and belts that can be stored in plastic bins.

Substitute Closets

If you’re still seeking more space, consider other parts of your home that may suffice. Perhaps some items can be kept in a bathroom or linen closet, or even part of a kitchen pantry or an outside storage shed.

The advantage to all of these suggestions is they can be implemented at little to no cost. Another option is to purchase a freestanding wardrobe – there are some beautiful designs available, and with up to 8 feet of vertical space they can hold as much as a conventional bedroom closet.

Now that you have sufficient space, think of all the new clothes you can buy!