Energy Efficiency as Temperatures Soar? Yes, We’ve Got That

Does it seem like the summers are getting hotter? And when temperatures rise, so do your power bills. That is one reason why energy efficiency and conservation is on everyone’s mind these days, especially here in California.

Manufactured homes from such quality builders as Silvercrest and Skyline have always been designed and completed with energy savings as a priority. And now, with additional options designed to further boost efficiency, these homes have become models of responsible conservation.

The focus on environmental responsibility begins long before you move in to your new home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, manufactured homes can eliminate as much as 75% of the 8,000 pounds of waste generated in the construction of a 2,000 square-foot site-built home. Factory construction makes more efficient use of building materials, and any leftover lumber, drywall, wiring and plumbing can be reused or repurposed instead of being thrown away.

But you’ll really notice the difference once you’re settled in. Both Skyline and Silvercrest have joined forces with the EnergyStar program, which promotes energy-efficient heating, cooling, water heating and appliances.

From insulation to air ducts, appliances to high-performance windows and doors, nearly every aspect of manufacturing is achieved with the goal of keeping the hot air out in summer and the cold air out in winter. These standard benefits can result in up to a 20-30% reduction on your monthly energy bills.

Considering solar, which can further reduce those bills? Silvercrest offers the option of building your manufactured home with an “S Roof” for solar panels. During construction the roof trusses are reinforced for weight, a wider top cord is added, and a raceway is installed from the roof to the home’s electrical panel to make wiring easier.

These preparations will simplify and expedite solar panel installation, no matter which company you choose to handle that job. And here in California there are rebate programs, tax credits and other incentives that can help offset the cost of adding solar to your manufactured home.

We invite you to speak with a Ma Williams representative today about the energy efficiency of manufactured homes. You don’t know what you’re missing – or how much you could be saving.