The Cities We Serve: Winchester

Did you ever move to a new community, hoping to enjoy a slower pace and quieter atmosphere – only to have wave after wave of new residents move in around you, disrupting that tranquility you were promised?

That’s not likely to happen if you relocate to Winchester, located in Riverside County. In the year 2000, the population was 2,155. Ten years later, it had skyrocketed to…2.534.

Even Amy Winchester, the woman for whom the town was named in the 1800s, didn’t stick around forever. She left for Los Angeles in 1891.

Winchester is located east of Menifee and northwest of Diamond Valley Lake. It was rural back when Amy was around, and it’s still rural today, with many of its businesses geared toward the agricultural industry. Locals still mourn the passing of the famed Winchester Cheese Company, which in its heyday was producing 100,000 pounds of remarkable artisan Gouda every year.

But if you ask any of the Ma Williams customers who relocated here, they’ll sing Winchester’s praises as a great place to raise a family. As with much of Riverside County, it’s also an ideal spot to live while commuting to work in either Orange County or San Diego.

The weather is delightful year round, though you’ll get the occasional triple-digit temperature in August and September. Also, the cost of living here is more than 25% lower than in much of California. The crime rate is lower too. And even if the cheese company is gone, you can still get great pizza in town, along with cold beer at Whiskey Babes, a popular local hangout.

If you are ever in the market for a manufactured home in Winchester, let Ma Williams help you find the perfect home in the perfect location.