At Last: Everyone Loves Manufactured Homes

At Ma Williams we’re used to customers praising the manufactured homes we provide. But the industry as a whole has, for the most part, not always shared in those rave reviews. Too many old stereotypes about “mobile homes” and “trailers” have contributed to a false perception of how these homes look, how they are built, and why they compare favorably with homes built the traditional way.

So what a pleasant surprise it has been to see so many recent articles that tell a different story – the true story.

Here is just a sampling of headlines from recent stories found online:

Meet the new mobile home: Manufactured houses deliver the American dream amid tough housing market

 5 reasons a manufactured home could be your first dream home

 Red-Hot Housing Market Torching Prefab Stigmas

Mobile homes in high demand as property values, rent continue to soar

Manufactured homes: An option for those priced out of the market

Yes, that one article still used “mobile,” but one step at a time. We’re just glad that so many others are recognizing the high standards to which factory-built structures must adhere, backed by warranties on workmanship and components.

A significant number of Americans now live happily in manufactured homes (about 10% of the population, to be more precise), and every article like these increases the chance that more will discover how much money they can save on a home that has all the room, all the features and all the comfort they desire.

At Ma Williams we could not be prouder of the quality of our homes. It’s why we are always pleased to explain that ‘manufactured’ no longer means ‘mobile home,’ and that ‘factory-built’ should not be viewed as a disadvantage.

So when you’re ready, or even if you’re just curious, why not stop in and talk to a Ma Williams representative? We pride ourselves on making the buying process as easy as possible. Your representative will be with you every step of the way, explaining options and recommending solutions.  Just tell us what you need, and we’ll try our best to put you in the home of your dreams.