Attn: Dennis “Ma” Williams


This is just a short note to express our gratitude for all the help we got at “Ma” Williams in purchasing our replacement home from you.  The first person that we dealt with was LaVon Watkins and she was our salesperson extraordinaire.  LaVon met with us talked with us and helped us pick out everything for our home.  Claudia was next in line and has been following up on everything with her crews –she is the best.  Now we come to Craig Davis—Craig was our choice for our contractor from the get go and that was by far the best choice we made.  Having Craig as your in house contractor is by far a tremendous asset to your business.  The knowledge that he brings to your company is invaluable.  Craig and his workers Umberto and Angel were always on the job working hard and the neighbors in the area were very impressed something they don’t see to often in that area.  Also another person that stood out was the transporter (I can’t remember his name) he called us in a timely fashion to tell us of delays on delivery due to wind and even drove all the way out to the property first on the morning of delivery to make sure how the wind conditions were.  The insurance person you recommended is great.  Last but not least is Skyline for building a good home that we plan to enjoy for many years.  Just to let you know too Dennis it was always nice talking to you when we were in the office you have a great business that we highly recommend. 




Kay and Phillip Wells


March 9, 2009