February 2, 2008



TO:  “Ma” Williams Manufactured Home Sales


From:  Gene & Charlene Dowdy



My mother-in-law was one of many who lost their home in the 2007

San Diego County fires.  She was lucky to escape only minutes

before the fire totally engulfed her property.  Unfortunately, she

lost her home that she had purchased from you in 1991.  Mrs.

Paroli is a very spry, sharp 86 year old who was able to make the

best of a tough situation.


Immediately following the fire, my wife and I came down to assist

her with the insurance and finding a new home.  Mrs. Paroli made

the decision to purchase a new home and place it on the property

that had been burned.  After visiting several sales lots, including

yours, it was obvious we should deal with your company.


I was immediately impressed by the compassion, respect and

consideration shown by you and your entire staff.  Everyone in the

office were genuine in assisting us.  Our questions were answered

without bias as related to brand quality, and cost.  I did not find

this to be the case at other dealerships.  Your salesperson,

Lavon Watkins, provided us with the documentation necessary

to support answers to our questions.  She was professional and

courteous in her approach to determining Mrs. Paroli’s needs and

desires.  Her attitude and patience were greatly appreciated

throughout the entire process.  At no time did we feel pressured

or hurried to make a decision.  She helped us make decisions

based on fact versus someone’s opinion.  We came away with the

feeling that she did not sell us a home but rather helped us

purchase the right one.


Follow-ups by your staff after we purchase the home has been

excellent.  Frequent updates from Claudia Saunders have been

informative, timely and courteous.  She seems to understand my

mother-in-laws urgency to get settled in her new home.  Thanks

for helping reduce much of the stress on her.






The attitude of your staff has not changed since our first visit.

You turned out to be the complete package we needed to

resolve a very unpleasant, stressful situation.


                                                            Gratefully yours,


                                                            Gene Dowdy

                                                            Charlene Dowdy