My wife and I want to thank you all.


Jane with the ordering of the house.  Jenean who helped immensely with financing through Cal Vet.  Claudia, with the coordination on the Delivery, Set-Up & Site completion work as well as service.  Lavon…even though she was not my original sales representative she took a lot of her time helping me with options on my home while Jane was on vacation.  Mary…every time I call your office she greats me with a happy voice making me feel like I am family.  Dennis & Kelly for helping us replace our old home with a new Silvercrest model on our property in Temecula & helping with other issues along the way. 


Was with all custom home projects, there were hurdles and problems we ran into but all along the way everyone at “Ma” Williams was there to help us through.


The customer service throughout our entire development was superb!


“Ma” Williams lived up to their reputation!


We would recommend “Ma” Williams to any customer looking to develop property with a custom manufactured home!


They are a GREAT TEAM!!!


Thank you,


Richard & Yong Wellington and all the grand kids!