January 29, 2009

Ma Williams, 

Well, the house is beautiful!  

Vickie and I love it.  It was definitely worth the time and effort it took to get it done.  

Yes, we had problems, but I don’t think that any project of this size can be done without some hurdles.  I do have to say that “Ma” Williams stepped to the plate and worked to resolve these issues thoroughly and expeditiously as possible.

Through this process we utilized a reverse mortgage to facilitate the purchase of our new home.  We weren’t able to qualify for the reverse mortgage with the home we previously had, which was a 1973.  So, now we have a new house and even better, we have a new house without any mortgage payment!

I did my research and know that “Ma” Williams provided me with the best price for my home and site preparation through your associate, Craig with Land Home Construction, Inc.   

Vickie and I are very satisfied that we chose you to help us through this process and we would recommend you to anyone else interested in doing the same.


John and Vickie Dietz
Space # 279

P.S. By the way, you were right about how Skyline builds and services their homes.