”Ma” Williams, manufactured and modular homes

LaVon is super cool, very smart and ready to help if you have questions about Manufactured Homes. LaVon has always provided better service than all the other dealers that I have talked to. She really goes out of her way to accommodate you quickly and always is very friendly and knows the business very well. We have known LaVon for several years and always look forward to talking to her. Thank you, LaVon!

Paul M. – El Cajon, CA | February 7, 2018

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. He’ll be the first person I go to when I know I’m ready. I can’t tell you how nice and helpful he was. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.”

Alberto and Rosie – Menifee, CA | January 31, 2018

Looking for some loan options, I ran into this extremely friendly lady named Lavon. They didn’t have what I needed, but she was kind enough to refer me elsewhere to get me rolling… Awesome experience !

Elizabeth T. Glendale, CA |

“We are currently living in a 55 years or older community but want to get out. We talked to Tim and once we sell our home we will go with Ma Williams and do a land/home package. I can’t say when we will do it, if we do, because we have to sell our place first.  Everything seemed good as far as the prices went. I will be in touch with Tim. He was excellent.”

Tony and Barbara J. – Menifee, CA | January 24, 2018

Me and my wife will definitely be revisiting Ma Williams in the near future. We liked this sales center the best over others. Our sales person Marie, was very nice and informative, we will be in contact with her.

Christian and Destiny M. – Inland Empire | January 12, 2018

I ran into this extremely friendly lady named LaVon. They didn’t have what I needed but she was kind enough to refer me elsewhere to get me rolling… Awesome experience!

Elizabeth T. – Glendale, CA |

We are most impressed with the Ma Williams sales center as of right now. The other sales centers required we have land before even speaking with us. We thought it was great how Ma Williams actually helps out with that process. We were provided with plenty of information.

Mikayla and Chad B. – San Bernardino County | December 29, 2017

LaVon is one of the most awesome agents I have ever worked with. Very knowledgeable, going the extra mile, staying late to show homes and providing so much valuable advice and information that you won’t find anywhere else! Go get em, LaVon!

Stephanie V. – Escondido, CA | December 28, 2017

Marie was beyond helpful!

Yvonne H. – Riverside County | December 9, 2017

Everyone here is very friendly and professional and are always willing to help! They are great with answering questions and in general are wonderful people to work with!

Marcella J. – Hemet, CA | November 2, 2017

We really liked Tim, he was great!

Josh and Alex B. – Ramona, CA | October 27, 2017

Tony was great and very helpful

Russell B. – Temecula, CA |

We absolutely couldn’t be any happier with your home center. Tony was outstanding and answered every question that we had. You can tell others that we like your homes as well as your staff enough that we’d travel from where we are to go back and purchase from Ma Williams. The people there, especially Tony, are so friendly, helpful and very professional.

Sabrina and John V. – El Cajon, CA | October 20, 2017

We visited several other sales centers. Tony, at Ma Williams did the best job out of them all. We were very impressed with the way he handled everything and the information given. We will be in contact with Tony as soon as we are ready to push this forward.

Michael and Sisy B. – Nuevo, CA | October 19, 2017

LaVon was lovely and very helpful.

Emily – Yucca Valley, CA | October 14, 2017

The homes were great and Marie was very professional, not pushy but extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Tracy and Steve S. – Hemet, CA | October 13, 2017

The inquiry went well with LaVon, the salesperson. She was very helpful.

Dan G. – Aguanga, CA |

I had a wonderful experience at Ma Williams and feel the modular homes are of excellent quality. Tony gave me tons of information. He even send me to the factory to see how the homes are built. I have spoken to two individuals since the visit who told me how much they loved their modular homes. They both said Ma Williams was a great company.

Salley S. – Murrieta, CA |

Best service you can get if you are looking to buy a new home. All the questions we had were perfectly and honestly answered by LaVon.

Martin L. – Corona, CA |

I had a great experience at the Ma Williams Sales Center. Tony and the manager were very helpful. I will be in touch when things start moving forward.

Wesley R. – Temecula, CA | September 29, 2017

I was very impressed with Tony and the knowledge he has about everything. I’ll keep in touch with Tony.

John M. – Inland Empire, CA |

I had a great experience at Ma Williams and Tony was very helpful.

David S. – Riverside County |

I am currently in L.A. County so I cannot use them, but let them know that LaVon is an asset to their company. She was professional, knowledgeable friendly and helpful. I will tell others who live in the area about her. She was great.

Elon A. – L.A. County |

I’d like to thank Tony for his kindness and all of the information he provided for me. I met with a few other dealers in the area and your service goes above and beyond anyone else in this industry.

Rochelle R. – La Mesa, CA | September 23, 2017

Linda is super sweet and friendly and very knowledgeable about the homes. It was a pleasure talking with her. With the service we received, Ma Williams is a top contender for our business.

Allie C. – Hemet, CA |

LaVon has been such a great help and has been really kind and open minded to our situation. She took the time to explain to us how everything really works. Friendly customer service and a smile to make everyone feel welcome. Please feel free to see her for yourself.

Sabino L. – Winchester, CA |

Me and my wife are very pleased with the service we received at Ma Williams. Tony explained the entire process and was extremely informative. He gave them options and touched on how they can change the floorplan to better suit their needs.

Dustin and Jessica R. – Temecula, CA | September 16, 2017

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so nice and helpful. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.

Rosie G. – Menifee, CA | August 18, 2017

Tim was excellent! He had great presentation and was very informative.

Claire and Jim K. – Huntington Beach, CA | August 9, 2017

We really liked Tim, he was great! My husband and I will be in touch.

Alex and Josh B. – Ramona, CA | August 4, 2017

Everything was very good at Ma Williams. Marie was extremely nice and helpful.

Raul G. – San Diego County | August 2, 2017

My sales person Tony was above a 10. He was extremely informative.

Anastasa F. – Murrieta, CA |

The visit to Ma Williams went very well. Marie did a great job explaining the homes and basic costs to us.

Jimmy and Kristie O. – San Diego County |

Ma Williams was recommended to us. LaVon was there to greet us. She guided us through the order and build process. Change this, add that… everything down to the last detail with patience and professionalism. Thanks so much to the crew at Ma Williams. We recommend them to anyone who will listen.

William F. – Hemet, CA | July 30, 2017

LaVon has made my experience exciting, fun and so comforting through the whole experience. Gave me time whenever I’ve needed help or just understand simple things. Thank you to all but especially my girl LaVon.

Irene R. – Homeland, CA |

Ma Williams staff was so helpful, especially Tony and Jenean, in getting us through the whole process. Their prices are the best in the area for a quality home.

Dennis and Bonnie E. – Anza, CA | July 29, 2017

When we met the team members at the Ma Williams Homes sales center, we were immediately impressed with the professionalism and the ‘can do’ attitude. Our sales person Tony was indispensable through the sales cycle, and remained involved throughout the entire construction and delivery process.

M & K Dalton – San Bernardino County |

My husband and I have been visiting Ma Williams for a few years contemplating purchasing a manufactured home. Tony has been so patient with us so when we finally decided to do it we knew he was going to be our guy. We had so many questions and he answered them all!

Cristina W. – Temecula, CA |

Everything was good at Ma Williams. Marie was extremely nice and helpful.

Raul G. – Riverside County | July 28, 2017

LaVon is awesome! She took time and answered every single question patiently and professionally. Can’t say enough on what a pleasure it was to work with her. I want to thank LaVon for all of her time. She went above and beyond in answering all of my questions.

Luis D. – Valencia, CA |

I am very impressed with the homes at Ma Williams and the service I received. Tim was great, he explained everything to me in detail.

Evelyn C.W. – Victorville, CA | July 21, 2017

I’d like for you to relay the thanks and appreciation I have for Lavon. She is outstanding! We’re working with her now, and we’ll continue to do so.

Bruce and Sharon P. – Palm Desert, CA | July 3, 2017

Ma Williams is known for placing manufactured homes on private property, more than the other sales centers in the area. I had a very informative conversation over the phone with Lavon. If I decide to go with a manufactured home, Ma Williams will be at the top of my list!

Rochelle R. – Fallbrook, CA |

My wife and I will only deal with Lavon, she is extremely pleasant and so kind. She’s been working there for 10 years and that says a lot for her right there.

Mike T. – Hemet, CA |

Lavon was absolutely the most professional sales person, we definitely liked her!

Ed D. – Phillips Ranch, CA |

I had a great experience at the Ma Williams sales center. Marie did an excellent job. I definitely want to buy a home through her, considering the great customer service I received. I will be in contact with Marie.

Ron H. – Inland Empire, CA | June 25, 2017

We like Tim very much and we look forward to doing business with him.

Penny C. – Inland Empire, CA |

Marie at Ma Williams had a much better presentation. She was very helpful and showed us options that were not aware of.

Eleenie and Mark M. – Hemet, CA | May 20, 2017

We have visited a couple other sales centers, however Marie was our favorite.  She stayed after closing time when we visited to help us.  She answered all the questions that we had.

Gene and Aimee B. – Riverside County | April 21, 2017

Marie was great and answered all of my questions.

Martha C. – Riverside County |

We were very impressed with Marie and all of the information she provided us with.

Tammy and Andy G. – Riverside County | March 24, 2017

Tony was great and very helpful. He was very informative.

Nicole N. – Inland Empire, CA | March 17, 2017

I am a Real Estate Agent looking for a client. I did like Ma Williams and have no problem with referring people to them.

Rae Ann S. – Inland Empire, CA |

Ma Williams Homes was my first stop.  It was a great experience and Lavon answered all my questions and more. She told me everything that I needed to get started with the process.

Aaron C. – Hawthorne, CA | March 12, 2017

Tim is great! He is working hard and I appreciate all his help.

James P. – Phelan, CA | March 11, 2017

Lavon was great and super helpful

Britnee P. – Riverside, CA | February 5, 2017

Everything went well and we really liked Lavon.

Erika F. – Pala, CA | February 4, 2017

Tim has been very good at following up.  He was very patient and helpful.

Rosemary S. – Phelan, CA | January 9, 2017

Lavon did an excellent job and was extremely thorough.

Peggy R. – Murrieta, CA | January 3, 2017

Lavon has been more than helpful and extremely informative.

Diana C. – Menifee, CA |

Marie was wonderful. She was great, and when I am able to purchase I will definitely contact her.

Jonathan G. – Los Angeles, CA |

I was provided everything I needed at the time of my visit, and I really liked Lavon. She was very helpful.

Fred and Nikki F. – Leona Valley, CA |

Marie was by far, the nicest sales person out of everywhere we’ve visited. She was extremely courteous and very knowledgeable of your homes. She took plenty of time with us, where others didn’t because of our time frame.

Ryan and Julie T. – Perris, CA |

Tony is an excellent salesman, and I sure appreciate him helping me. I’d recommend Ma Williams to anyone in the market!

Kevin W. – Apple Valley, CA |

Tony is excellent. I couldn’t ask for a better salesman!

Raymond U. – Perris, CA | December 9, 2016

If you can rate Tony on the phone, please rate him a 10+!

Sue L. – Corona, CA |

Hi Lavon, I’m back ’cause you’re exceptional!   I’m ready for a manufactured home hopefully from YOU because even though I only met with you once, and we had a few email exchanges, you were so pleasant and honest with me, and quite frankly, the only one I’ve come across who, I believe, could actually bring fun to this process.

Danica N. – Inyokern, CA |

Lavon was an excellent sales agent!

Gene R. – Hemet, CA |

I’ve only talked to Lavon on the phone and she was very helpful.

Michelle W. – Riverside, CA |

Marie is doing an outstanding job. She is so nice, good at keeping me informed and no pressure at all. That’s one of the reasons I’ll go with them instead of any other sales center!

Debra C. – Anza, CA |

I really appreciate you calling me, I love your homes and Marie was outstanding! I’ll be in touch with Marie as soon as I can!

Anthony W. – Riverside, CA |

Marie was great and very helpful. I plan on buying from them.

Cesar R. – Riverside, CA |

I enjoyed the visit and Lavon did an excellent job.

Lucy and Phillip W. – Riverside, CA |

I only spoke to Lavon on the phone and she was very helpful and seemed very knowledgeable.

Fred and Caroline W. – Riverside, CA |

Marie was amazing and took care of everything that we needed when we visited.

Antonio M. – Riverside, CA |

I was very impressed with Tony and the knowledge he has about everything.

John M. – De Luz, CA |

Marie was extremely helpful and very informative. I’ll be in touch with her.

Raymond O. – Riverside, CA | December 6, 2016

Marie did an excellent job and I will be in touch with her.

Mario M. – Hemet, CA |

I was very impressed with Marie, she gave us a lot of information. She was very nice and very helpful.

Jaime and Maria – Perris, CA |

Lavon was absolutely amazing! She was extremely helpful and explained everything. She was more help than anywhere I’ve been! I look forward to working with her. I am so happy that I found out about Ma Williams, and Lavon was the best!

Gina S. – Perris, CA | October 25, 2016

Lavon did very good and had good mannerism.  She was also very professional.

C.J. – Riverside, CA |

I was very pleased with Marie on the phone, as well as her sending me emails. I liked what I saw and Marie was very helpful.

Shawna S. – Riverside, CA |

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. I can’t tell you how nice and helpful he was. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.

Rosie and Alberto G. – Menifee, CA |

Tony was wonderful. We were very impressed with your homes!

Howard and Lori H. – San Jacinto, CA | October 22, 2016

Lavon is absolutely wonderful, we love her. Everyone there seems so very nice and friendly. Also, Lavon is super nice and very knowledgeable!

Kathy W. – Valley Center, CA |

I couldn’t be happier with all the information that Marie provided regarding the land. She really gave us some very good tips on how to go about finding land and how to be careful in doing so.

Olojio A. – Hemet, CA |

Thank you and please thank Lavon Watkins, for taking the time to explain and answer all the questions we had.

Jovanna T. – Hesperia, CA |

We enjoyed our visit very much, Tony was awesome! We really just wanted to see what they looked like. They sure are beautiful these days.

Herbert B. – Canyon Lake, CA |

Our saleswoman was wonderful to us, we really like her a lot.

Rafael C. – Beaumont, CA | September 29, 2016

Marie was great to me and answered all my questions.

Espanozia S. – Perris, CA |

The deciding factors to purchase from Ma Williams are number 1, the BBB ratings, number two, Tony, and the prompt phone call. He not only answered my questions, but he told me more than I’d even thought to ask. I’d recommend him, and your homes to anyone!

Kimberly G. – Escondido, CA | September 23, 2016

I really like Marie and I hope to hear from her soon!

Angelica A. – Lake Elsinore, CA |

Lavon was absolutely outstanding. She is so knowledgeable and was extremely helpful. – Again, Lavon was excellent!

Joe P. – Nuevo, CA | September 21, 2016

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.

Rosie and Alberto G. – Menifee, CA |

Marie was very professional on the phone.

Maribel S. – Wildomar, CA |

I certainly like Marie from our phone conversation. In fact, I really liked her a lot. She was very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable.

Cathy B. – Riverside County, CA |

I had a very good visit with Marie, she’s very professional and helpful.

Janette P. – Lake Elsinore, CA |

Lavon, you add style to everything. I know you both invested a lot of time and love into the process. My most heartfelt appreciation to both of you and the entire Ma Williams staff.

Angela D. – Anza, CA |

Lavon was absolutely wonderful. She gave us so much information regarding how to go about everything. She gave us direction in just about everything. My mom and I had a wonderful experience. Tell her I appreciate all of her help.

Teresa R. – Phelan, CA | August 17, 2016

La Von Watkins was very personable and she was able to give me all the information I needed.

Pat G. – Homeland, CA |

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