”Ma” Williams, manufactured and modular homes

I had a great experience at the Ma Williams sales center. Marie did an excellent job. I definitely want to buy a home through her, considering the great customer service I received. I will be in contact with Marie.

Ron H. – Inland Empire, CA | June 25, 2017

We like Tim very much and we look forward to doing business with him.

Penny C. – Inland Empire, CA |

Marie at Ma Williams, had a much better presentation. She was very helpful and showed us options that we were not aware of.

Eleenie and Mark M. – Hemet, CA | May 20, 2017

We have visited a couple other sales centers, however Marie was our favorite.  She stayed after closing time when we visited to help us.  She answered all the questions that we had.

Gene and Aimee B. – Riverside County | April 21, 2017

Marie was great and answered all of my questions.

Martha C. – Riverside County |

We were very impressed with Marie and all of the information she provided us with.

Tammy and Andy G. – Riverside County | March 24, 2017

Tony was great and very helpful. He was very informative.

Nicole N. – Inland Empire, CA | March 17, 2017

I am a Real Estate Agent looking for a client. I did like Ma Williams and have no problem with referring people to them.

Rae Ann S. – Inland Empire, CA |

Ma Williams Homes was my first stop.  It was a great experience and Lavon answered all my questions and more. She told me everything that I needed to get started with the process.

Aaron C. – Hawthorne, CA | March 12, 2017

Tim is great! He is working hard and I appreciate all his help.

James P. – Phelan, CA | March 11, 2017

Lavon was great and super helpful

Britnee P. – Riverside, CA | February 5, 2017

Everything went well and we really liked Lavon.

Erika F. – Pala, CA | February 4, 2017

Tim has been very good at following up.  He was very patient and helpful.

Rosemary S. – Phelan, CA | January 9, 2017

Lavon did an excellent job and was extremely thorough.

Peggy R. – Murrieta, CA | January 3, 2017

Lavon has been more than helpful and extremely informative.

Diana C. – Menifee, CA |

Marie was wonderful. She was great, and when I am able to purchase I will definitely contact her.

Jonathan G. – Los Angeles, CA |

I was provided everything I needed at the time of my visit, and I really liked Lavon. She was very helpful.

Fred and Nikki F. – Leona Valley, CA |

Marie was by far, the nicest sales person out of everywhere we’ve visited. She was extremely courteous and very knowledgeable of your homes. She took plenty of time with us, where others didn’t because of our time frame.

Ryan and Julie T. – Perris, CA |

Tony is an excellent salesman, and I sure appreciate him helping me. I’d recommend Ma Williams to anyone in the market!

Kevin W. – Apple Valley, CA |

Tony is excellent. I couldn’t ask for a better salesman!

Raymond U. – Perris, CA | December 9, 2016

If you can rate Tony on the phone, please rate him a 10+!

Sue L. – Corona, CA |

Hi Lavon, I’m back ’cause you’re exceptional!   I’m ready for a manufactured home hopefully from YOU because even though I only met with you once, and we had a few email exchanges, you were so pleasant and honest with me, and quite frankly, the only one I’ve come across who, I believe, could actually bring fun to this process.

Danica N. – Inyokern, CA |

Lavon was an excellent sales agent!

Gene R. – Hemet, CA |

I’ve only talked to Lavon on the phone and she was very helpful.

Michelle W. – Riverside, CA |

Marie is doing an outstanding job. She is so nice, good at keeping me informed and no pressure at all. That’s one of the reasons I’ll go with them instead of any other sales center!

Debra C. – Anza, CA |

I really appreciate you calling me, I love your homes and Marie was outstanding! I’ll be in touch with Marie as soon as I can!

Anthony W. – Riverside, CA |

Marie was great and very helpful. I plan on buying from them.

Cesar R. – Riverside, CA |

I enjoyed the visit and Lavon did an excellent job.

Lucy and Phillip W. – Riverside, CA |

I only spoke to Lavon on the phone and she was very helpful and seemed very knowledgeable.

Fred and Caroline W. – Riverside, CA |

Marie was amazing and took care of everything that we needed when we visited.

Antonio M. – Riverside, CA |

I was very impressed with Tony and the knowledge he has about everything.

John M. – De Luz, CA |

Marie was extremely helpful and very informative. I’ll be in touch with her.

Raymond O. – Riverside, CA | December 6, 2016

Marie did an excellent job and I will be in touch with her.

Mario M. – Hemet, CA |

I was very impressed with Marie, she gave us a lot of information. She was very nice and very helpful.

Jaime and Maria – Perris, CA |

Lavon was absolutely amazing! She was extremely helpful and explained everything. She was more help than anywhere I’ve been! I look forward to working with her. I am so happy that I found out about Ma Williams, and Lavon was the best!

Gina S. – Perris, CA | October 25, 2016

Lavon did very good and had good mannerism.  She was also very professional.

C.J. – Riverside, CA |

I was very pleased with Marie on the phone, as well as her sending me emails. I liked what I saw and Marie was very helpful.

Shawna S. – Riverside, CA |

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. I can’t tell you how nice and helpful he was. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.

Rosie and Alberto G. – Menifee, CA |

Tony was wonderful. We were very impressed with your homes!

Howard and Lori H. – San Jacinto, CA | October 22, 2016

Lavon is absolutely wonderful, we love her. Everyone there seems so very nice and friendly. Also, Lavon is super nice and very knowledgeable!

Kathy W. – Valley Center, CA |

I couldn’t be happier with all the information that Marie provided regarding the land. She really gave us some very good tips on how to go about finding land and how to be careful in doing so.

Olojio A. – Hemet, CA |

Thank you and please thank Lavon Watkins, for taking the time to explain and answer all the questions we had.

Jovanna T. – Hesperia, CA |

We enjoyed our visit very much, Tony was awesome! We really just wanted to see what they looked like. They sure are beautiful these days.

Herbert B. – Canyon Lake, CA |

Our saleswoman was wonderful to us, we really like her a lot.

Rafael C. – Beaumont, CA | September 29, 2016

Marie was great to me and answered all my questions.

Espanozia S. – Perris, CA |

The deciding factors to purchase from Ma Williams are number 1, the BBB ratings, number two, Tony, and the prompt phone call. He not only answered my questions, but he told me more than I’d even thought to ask. I’d recommend him, and your homes to anyone!

Kimberly G. – Escondido, CA | September 23, 2016

I really like Marie and I hope to hear from her soon!

Angelica A. – Lake Elsinore, CA |

Lavon was absolutely outstanding. She is so knowledgeable and was extremely helpful. – Again, Lavon was excellent!

Joe P. – Nuevo, CA | September 21, 2016

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.

Rosie and Alberto G. – Menifee, CA |

Marie was very professional on the phone.

Maribel S. – Wildomar, CA |

I certainly like Marie from our phone conversation. In fact, I really liked her a lot. She was very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable.

Cathy B. – Riverside County, CA |

I had a very good visit with Marie, she’s very professional and helpful.

Janette P. – Lake Elsinore, CA |

Lavon, you add style to everything. I know you both invested a lot of time and love into the process. My most heartfelt appreciation to both of you and the entire Ma Williams staff.

Angela D. – Anza, CA |

Lavon was absolutely wonderful. She gave us so much information regarding how to go about everything. She gave us direction in just about everything. My mom and I had a wonderful experience. Tell her I appreciate all of her help.

Teresa R. – Phelan, CA | August 17, 2016

La Von Watkins was very personable and she was able to give me all the information I needed.

Pat G. – Homeland, CA |

Lavon was so helpful, there was no need to meet a manager or another salesperson. She was great!

Michael and Justin N. – Menifee, CA |

I don’t have land yet, but Lavon was great in explaining that they provide that option. I’ve only talked to her on the phone so far, and I’d rate her a 10 on both professionalism and her knowledge of everything I asked her. She was very nice and helpful.

Peter M. – Palm Springs, CA |

I’m an agent, and this is the first time I’ve dealt with Ma Williams. I was very pleased with my saleswoman, La Von. She was very helpful and very professional.

Susy C. – Temecula, CA |

Lavon was very helpful, friendly and professional.

Alice and Paul P. – Pinyon Pines, CA |

I am very pleased with my experience at Ma Williams. Lavon has been very helpful and great about keeping in contact.

Freda R. – Sage, CA |

Lavon was great.  I would rate her high on everything.

Tara R. – Riverside, CA |

We had an excellent experience with Lavon during our visit that we were finally able to make. She was very knowledgeable and so nice. We’d recommend your company to anyone if they were in the market.

Tom and Karyn T. – Orange, CA |

I liked your homes very much, and I sure do appreciate the help and time that Lavon spent with me. She was very thorough and filled me in on a lot of information. Tell her I really appreciate her time.

Mary J. – Murrieta, CA |

I have visited a lot of places but Lavon was the most knowledgeable and I felt was honest and straight forward.

Rick S. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA |

I feel that Lavon was very honest.

Katie C. – Temecula, CA |

I really liked Lavon, as well as your homes!  Please tell Lavon that I really enjoyed the visit, and her being so helpful. She was very professional and accommodating.

Stephan and Sally V. – La Jolla, CA |

I was extremely impressed with Lavon when talking to her on the phone. So much so, that if anything changes, and we find ourselves in the market, we’ll go straight to her. She was extremely knowledgeable of everything I asked her.

Rob and Jessie I. – San Jacinto, CA |

I couldn’t be any more pleased than I am with Marie. Her warm approach and willingness to help, is what has already earned our business. She was extremely courteous and helpful, that’s why we’ll be back. Marie is the deciding factor to purchase from Ma Williams!

David and Becca M. – Norco, CA |

We really liked Tony, our salesman, very much. He was very helpful to us.

Salvadore and Letty D. – Mecca, CA |

I really enjoyed the time spent at Ma Williams and meeting with Tony. He’s very knowledgeable of your product and was very helpful.

Sean and Megan H. – Hemet, CA |

There is no doubt that Ma Williams will earn our business, Marie was fabulous! We couldn’t be happier with her and I’m sure we won’t go anywhere else. Marie was absolutely the best. She’s so friendly and helpful.

Ulysses and Maria B. – Sun City, CA |

I’m definitely planning on purchasing from Ma Williams! I really have enjoyed working with Marie, she’s been extremely helpful to me.

Marion and Lily Y. – Cathedral City, CA |

Lavon was super nice and very helpful! In fact, after we visited your center, we haven’t felt the need to go anywhere else. Tell Lavon we appreciate her help and how nice she was!

Christopher and Samantha A. – Menifee, CA | August 14, 2016

Marie was extremely knowledgeable and she really knows so much about the land package. She explained all of that to me.

Kara and Jay O. – Riverside County, CA | August 13, 2016

Lavon did an awesome job.

Eva A. – Sky Valley, CA |

Marie is about the best salesperson I’ve had in a long time. She exceeded my expectations and was very informative.

Jessica F. – Oceanside, CA |

I told Lavon that she would be the first person we went back to see when we do know for sure as to what we’re going to do. She was extremely knowledgeable and a very lovely person.

Carl and Lorraine M. – Fallbrook, CA |

I think Marie is good and very knowledgeable. She let us go look at homes by ourselves, but was certainly there if we needed anything. She wasn’t pushy.


Barbara and Walker W. – Perris, CA | August 12, 2016

Marie was wonderful and gave us a lot of information on the process of purchasing a home.

Anita and Jim F. – Riverside, CA |

Lavon, you are a complete angel. Everything about you. I can’t begin the thank you, there are not enough words.

Marcia C. – Baldwin Lake, CA |

Marie was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable of your product, and how to go about purchasing land. I sure appreciate her help on the phone.

Linda W. – Banning, CA |

My husband thinks a lot of Tony. Tony is really on the ball! He seems very knowledgeable of your homes.

Steve and Adriana I. – Temecula, CA |

Tony was very helpful and explained a lot to me. I appreciate his help.

Jessica D. – Hemet, CA |

I couldn’t be more satisfied with your saleswoman, Marie! She has been just wonderful to talk to on the phone.

Roberta W. – Washington, D.C. | July 28, 2016

Marie was excellent, she’s very knowledgeable and helpful.

Alicia S. – San Francisco, CA |

Marie did a fantastic job on my visit, and provided more than enough to help me start the process. I appreciate her help.

Diana and Darrell L. – Hemet, CA |

Marie is doing an excellent job! The deciding factor to go with Ma Williams, is because of the impression I got. That first impression really does mean a lot. In fact, I never went anywhere else after that.

David B. – Whittier, CA |

We’ve looked at some other home centers, but by far, I like Ma Williams the best. Tony did an excellent job on my visit, he’s wonderful at what he does. He’s very knowledgeable.

Steve D. – San Jacinto, CA |

Tony is really on the ball! He seems very knowledgeable of your homes, and we’ve only talked to him on the phone.

Steve and Adriana – Temecula, CA |

La Von was diligent, flexible, and detailed in assisting me.  I cannot begin to thank her enough for the time she put into this.  La Von, I so appreciate all that you did for us. You were the shining star at Ma Williams for me and my family.  You genuinely cared and helped us create a house that we were all excited about.

Joe L. – Escondido, CA | July 11, 2016

Lavon was super nice and very helpful! In fact, after we visited your center, we haven’t felt the need to go anywhere else.

Christopher and Samantha M. – Menifee, CA |

I really liked Tony, my salesman and I really liked my visit.

Tim L. – Hemet, CA |

I really liked Lavon, as well as your homes! Please tell Lavon that I really enjoyed the visit, and her being so helpful. She was very professional and accommodating.

Stephan and Sally V. – La Jolla, CA |

Tony is a great salesman, very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to.

Alicia A. – Murrieta, CA |

My saleswoman, Lavon, was very professional and she’s followed up with me after the visit. I’ll be in touch with her when I know more.

Thurman T. – Cabazon, CA |

I thought Ms. Lavon was very nice and she gave me everything I needed at the time of the visit.

Arturo and Lupita P. – Romoland, CA |

I was on a ‘fact finding mission’ when I visited you center. Lavon was extremely nice and very knowledgeable of your homes.

Jimmy and Sandra B. – Moreno Valley, CA |

La Von is extremely nice and friendly. I will be in touch with her as soon as I know something.

Albert F. – Sage, CA |

I loved your homes very much. Also, I loved Lavon. She was so friendly and helpful. I’d love to have purchased a home from her. With all my dogs and cats, I needed something quickly.

Jill P. – Perris, CA | July 7, 2016

Lavon was very nice and helpful.

Helen A. – Dana Point, CA |

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