”Ma” Williams, manufactured and modular homes

“We did stop in and Lavon was very helpful and informative.

Kathy M. – Riverside, CA | March 5, 2019

Lavon, Thank you for all this information and for your time today!  We appreciated it!



Annie Ray D. – San Diego, CA | March 4, 2019

We were very impressed with the service  received at Ma Williams. The Grand Manor really stood out to us. Tony explained the entire process and was extremely informative. We will definitely be doing business with Ma Williams.

Dustin & Jessica R. – Temecula, CA |

La Von has been wonderful. I would give her a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Susan & Chuck A. – Menifee, CA | February 19, 2019

I am very impressed with the service provided from Lavon – it has been far better than any other sales center I’ve spoke with.

Bethany L. – San Diego, Ca |

I want to say Lavon did a fantastic job! If we ever buy a manufactured home in the future, it will definitely be from Ma Williams.

Jim & Mary Ellen D. – San Diego, CA | February 18, 2019

Lavon, I love working with you! You are so prompt & I appreciate that!

Donna B. – San Diego, CA |

We visited Ma Williams originally a couple years ago when we were thinking of buying a manufactured home. Back then we wanted to see models and ask questions about the process. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. We walked away feeling satisfied with what we learned and were impressed with the models. Finally in 2018 we purchased a vacant lot and went back to Ma Williams to pick out a home. Starting from scratch with a vacant lot and looking at many models is a long process and can be very overwhelming, but Ma Williams has been so supportive and patient with us.  Tony has been readily available for any questions or concerns we have regarding the house plans as well as Jenean for the loan process. Thank you to all the staff at Ma Williams for helping us with our dream home!

Jorge and Catherine G. – Murrieta, CA | February 14, 2019

Tony represents your company in a most impressive manner. I called many companies without any introductions, referrals, or recommendations.  There is only one person that I spoke to who gave me an overall impression that this is someone who I wanted to invest my time with,”that was Tony!

Gerald L. – Riverside, CA | February 13, 2019

Lavon did a fantastic job. I couldn’t of asked for better service.

Emily & Jose P. – San Diego, CA |

La Von Watkins was very personable and she was able to give me all the information I needed.

Pat G. – Homeland, CA |

Me and my wife enjoyed our visit at Ma Williams. We are very pleased with the service we received from Lavon.

John & Katie H. – Menifee, Ca | February 11, 2019

We really liked the double wide models at Ma Williams, Marie did a good job, we enjoyed the visit.

Jeff & Ingrid B. – Riverside, CA |

Tony is very nice and helpful, I had a good experience.

Inci S. – Riverside, CA | January 29, 2019

Lavon did a great job and she explained everything clearly.

Polo A. – Perris, CA |

Come see Cindy, she is very professional and helpful!

Latonya & Melvin K. – Perris, CA |

I sincerely appreciate all of Cindy’s help through the process of answering every question I had. Cindy you are truly a pleasure to work with.

Brittney C. – Wildomar, CA | January 14, 2019

My husband and I inquired online and then we decided to stop by and see the homes in person. We were very surprised at how nice the homes at Ma Williams were. We were not expecting that. The service we received at Ma Williams was great!

Shaunda and Patrick B. – Cherry Valley, CA | December 21, 2018

The service we received from Ma Williams was great!

Kyle and Megan C. – El Cajon, CA | December 20, 2018

I had a great experience in dealing with Tony. He was very helpful and explained everything well.

Diana V. – Wildomar, CA |

I had a very good experience at the Ma Williams sales center. I have spoken with Cindy a couple times since the visit.

Natalie R. – Riverside, CA |

I had a good experience at Ma Williams. Marie was very professional and answered my questions. I appreciate the help.

Dave I. – Hemet, CA |

We had a good experience with Cindy!

Hector and Sylvia C. – Inland Empire |

We enjoyed the visit at Ma Williams, Marie was very helpful and able to answer all the questions.

Lou & Silver S. – Riverside, CA | December 18, 2018

I inquired with Ma Williams awhile back and then revisited. I have been speaking with Tim, who has done a great job. Tim has been very helpful with everything. We have a newborn baby and are ready to move into our new home as soon as possible.

Brisa B. – San Diego, CA |

I spoke with Cindy over the phone, Cindy was more than helpful. I really appreciated her staying on the phone for over thirty minutes. She answered my questions and explained the process. I told her right away that this may not happen until next year. I was surprised that she still took the time to help me, other sales centers didn’t seem interested once I told them it wasn’t an immediate purchase.

Levi M. – Riverside, CA |

Some of my family members have done business with Ma Williams and had good experiences. My sister and I are now discussing purchasing a home together. I spoke with Tony over the phone, he was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. I have his contact info and will be in touch as we start to set plans in action.


Jasmine T. – San Diego, CA |

Cindy was very professional. She gave us all the necessary information.

Michael and Kelly K. – Riverside County | November 26, 2018

I had been inquiring with different sales centers over the phone. I spoke with Cindy over the phone, she was very informative and gave me all the necessary resources to check out.

Richard R. – Riverside, CA | November 21, 2018

We stopped by and the homes are very nice, Marie was helpful and knowledgeable!

Barbara & Al A. – Riverside, CA |

I spoke with Tim over the phone, he was very nice and informative. I had spoke with another sales center and  the service wasn’t nearly as good.

Connie H. – Modjeska Canyon, CA |

Cindy was very helpful and informative.

Reuben D. – Jamul, CA |

The presentation given at Ma Williams was done very well, Tim is very knowledgeable. I received all the information needed.

Max Y. – West Hollywood, CA | November 20, 2018

La Von has been wonderful. I would give her a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.


Susan & Chuck A. – Menifee, CA | November 14, 2018

So far I have been very pleased with the service provided by Ma Williams and my salesperson, Cindy.

Crystal J. – Riverside County | November 8, 2018

I only have great things to say about Marie. I asked her to follow up with me on several things and she did so promptly.

L. Payfer – Apple Valley, CA | October 22, 2018

I inquired with Ma Williams for my sister. My visit with Cindy was very informative.

Gabriella G. – Riverside, CA | October 16, 2018

Lavon was great. She was very helpful and knew a lot about the homes and things like that.

Danny & Irene S. – Wildomar, CA |

I spoke with Tony over the phone, Tony was very informative!

Heather – Victorville |

Lavon at Ma Williams has been very helpful and patient. We don’t want to dive into anything before having all the facts and also knowing our plan. If we do decide to go with a modular home, we will definitely revisit Ma Williams.

Amanda and Shawn C. – Temecula, CA | October 10, 2018

Tony was very helpful in answering our questions and giving us information. We would gladly recommend anyone interested in these home to ask Tony!

Mario and Laura A. – Desert Hot Springs, CA |

Cindy was very helpful!

Joshua Z. – Oceanside, CA | October 3, 2018

I give Tony an 11 for professionalism and product knowledge!

Diana V. – Wildomar, CA |

Just wanted to give LAVON & ALL A BIG THANK YOU, my beautiful home was delivered on schedule, and I couldn’t be happier. I have told everyone what wonderful customer service you all have given me.

Sallie B. – Fallbrook, CA |

We really liked Lavon. She was so nice and very informative!

Araceli & Rafael L. – Riverside, CA | August 30, 2018

I was looking at modular homes online and came across Ma Williams. I spoke with Tim over the phone and through email. Tim has been very helpful.

Amber B. – Riverside, CA | August 21, 2018

Marie was awesome with answering all our questions and honest with the information given. Marie’s a force to be reckoned with and sure the other agents are as well! Great people and very friendly staff.

Charlise A. – Lake Elsinore, CA |

I am very interested in purchasing a triple wide from Ma Williams. I plan to further my inquiry once I start working again. I had a good experience with Ma Williams. Tony was very helpful. I already have a home picked out.

Mauro V. – Lake Elsinore, CA | August 9, 2018

I initially googled manufactured home companies in the area and came across Ma Williams. I then went to the website and it was very informative, I probably would have never called if it wouldn’t have been. I also liked that it was family owned. I called and spoke to Tony, he did an awesome job in answering all my questions and provided me with things I requested.

Jaques P. – San Diego, CA | August 2, 2018

Ma Williams Manufactured Homes staff have great customer service and warm hospitality! We were able to check out different models that were modern and staged beautifully. We are definitely going to partner with them for our new home.

G. L. – S. El Monte, CA | August 1, 2018

My family and I visited Ma Williams this weekend and we were pleasantly surprised by how updated our choices are. We were treated with hospitality and we left very informed. The choice is simple Ma Williams all the way!!

Al L. – El Monte, CA |

Every single person who works here is kind, intelligent, attentive, thoughtful person. I can’t say enough about the smiles every time you walk in, or call. I can say that I would wholeheartedly recommend Ma Williams to anyone just based on the customer service. It’s fantastic!

Mitch M. – San Diego, CA |

Tony is great! We did like Ma Williams and will keep in touch with Tony.

Kristine F. – Winchester, CA |

Hwy 74. Ma Williams Homes Tony was very helpful in explaining how the process of owning a manufactured home. He was also very friendly answed all our questions and the ladies in the office were very cheerful and professional. Me and my husband loved all the beautiful homes and many upgrades, thanks.


Renee P. – Hemet, CA | July 29, 2018

My husband and I are interested in moving into a senior citizens manufactured home community in the area. Ma Williams is nearby this community. We spoke with Tim at the sales center. He was beyond helpful. He informed us that a Ma Williams home will be going in that community soon. He will be in contact once that happens. I’ve received a ton of information since the visit. I will keep in contact with Tim.

Gino and Diane S. – Hemet, CA |

Me and my husband are revisiting the Ma Williams sales center. When we initially came in, it was only to look around. Now we are ready to actually pick out a home with Tim. We have been to other sales centers and definitely like Ma Williams the best.

Elizabeth B. – Temecula, CA | July 21, 2018

My salesperson, Cindy was very helpful and answered all my questions. I have spoke with her since the visit. I already have land to put the home on.

Mayra M. – Hemet, CA |

Love all the floorplans and great friendly service. I get a response from Tony to all of my questions and emails in record time!!

Janis A. – Yucaipa, CA |

Lavon did an excellent job. She explained all the hidden costs that we were not even aware of. We have received a thank you card from Lavon since the visit.

Nora and Cathy S. – Fontana, CA |

Marie has been extremely helpful and informative. She explained everything clearly while we were at the sales center. The experience with Ma Williams is going great so far.

Rosina and Daryl P. – Lake Elsinore, CA |

Stopped by today to check out the models. All are really spacious, modern, and affordable. Our favorite thing about it was that they can help you with everything and mix and match from different models. Land financing was also a plus ! We spoke with Tony and he was super helpful and understanding. Thank you Ma Williams !

Leslie R. – Riverside, CA |

We spoke with Lavon, she was very informative and gave us all the info needed for right now.

Judy and Bill H. – Fontana, CA |

I came in once and then went back with my husband. We did like Ma Williams and our salesperson, Tim. We will be in touch when we know what we are doing.

Barbara Y. – Hemet, CA |

I did stop by and spoke to Lavon. She was excellent! I will be moving to California and I did like the homes. I will be visiting again when I’m back in California and could possibly do business in the future.

Henry and Angel C. – Palm Springs, CA |

Tony  the salesperson I spoke with was very informative. He was thorough without being pushy. He has sent a follow up email since the visit.

Millie P. – Murrieta, CA |

Marie was very informative. She explained to us about the permits and everything involved in this process. I appreciate the time spent. I received a follow up call from Marie.

Raul A. – Inland Empire | June 30, 2018

Very nice homes. Staff was very knowledgeable. Marie gave us a lot of information.

Diane G. – Hesperia, CA |

Lavon, the salesperson we spoke with, was beyond informative. We received everything needed for right now.

Brandy and Neil T. – Riverside County |

The entire process was explained very well by Marie. The visit was very informative. If I do go with a manufactured home, it will definitely be from Ma Williams.

Darryl J. – San Bernardino County |

I was very impressed with the Ma Williams sales center. I visited another sales center right before coming in there and hands down, Ma Williams is better. The staff and definitely my salesperson Marie were very helpful and friendly.

Rita G. – Riverside County | June 18, 2018

I called for information for my wife who is a Real Estate agent. We were looking for information for my wife’s client. Lavon was a total professional and very helpful. I appreciate everything she offered.

Luke T. – Temecula, CA |

Lavon, I just wanted to say, thank you for your compassion and time yesterday. It is nice to work with nice people.

Claudia P. – Mountain Center, CA |

Beautiful homes with many different floorplans to choose from with so many different options and thanks to Marie for all the helpful information.

Kristen C. – Jurupa Valley, CA |

Tony followed up with me several times after the inquiry. I was very pleased with the service.

Steve and Teri L. – Aguanga, CA |

We did like Tony very much. We do hope to buy within 3 months. We met the owner. They did not ask for a deposit but they told us about the process. We are definitely considering Ma Williams. We will be in touch with Tony.

Erica R. – Lake Mathews, CA | May 23, 2018

If I go with a manufactured home, it will definitely be through Ma Williams. I walked through a quad-home while at the sales center. That floorplan would suit us well. After final decisions are made, I would like to be in the home as soon as it’s possible. The service at Ma Williams surpassed the other sales centers. My salesperson Marie is now waiting to hear back from me. I will be in contact soon.

William A. – Ventura County | March 27, 2018

Tony, thank you for your time and expertise last Friday when I came to take a look at Ma Williams homes.  I appreciate so much Dennis taking the time to say hello as well and was very happy with our decision to come up and talk with you.

Kelly D. – San Diego, CA |

Claudia had stepped in to help Tony while he was busy, and she was very knowledgeable on all of our questions we had. She left no unanswered and was even able to help with finding someone to possibly remove our manufactured home to place a new one there. Very great and we left with all of our questions answered.

Veronica L. – Hemet, CA |

I spoke to a salesperson, Marie over the phone who was very informative. She then sent me emails containing information afterward.

Matthew H. – Inland Empire |

The inquiry with Ma Williams went great. I would give the salesperson, Lavon an 11 off the scale.

Robert M. – Ramona, CA | March 24, 2018

We went with Ma Williams because of the customer service. It has been a pleasure working with everyone. I would highly recommend Ma Williams to others.

Thomas M. – San Diego, CA |

This office is a great example of customer service. I felt very welcome and all of my questions were answered. We spoke with Marie and she was very friendly and very willing to break down the information for us. At this moment we are planning on returning to begin the process. She was honest, straight forward, and to the point. We were not intimidated, not once by the numbers, and we are excited to do this in due time.

Nancy S. – Corona, CA | March 17, 2018

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. He’ll be the first person I go to when I know I’m ready. I can’t tell you how nice and helpful he was. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.

Alberto and Rosie – Menifee, CA | March 11, 2018

LaVon has been courteous, competent, pleasant and all around wonderful to work with.

Sherry S. and Jon D. – Pala, CA |

Tony, the sales person I spoke with was informative.

Dennis J. – Murrieta, CA |

We are thinking of downsizing and moving into a manufactured home on our own land. I’ve researched online and found it’s hard to find information how to do this. But then I found the Ma Williams website and today I spoke with Marie G. and not only did she answer all my questions, she was super friendly and easy to speak with. She explained the simple process clearly and let me know approximate costs. I’m glad I found Ma Williams and I’m glad I spoke with Marie, who provided very professional, courteous and warm service over the phone.

Richard G. – Riverside County | February 27, 2018

Tim was excellent! When I am ready I will go there with my $500 and see what we can do.

Rick P. – Canyon Lake, CA |

I  called Ma Williams, not to purchase a home, but just to obtain information about differences between manufactured, modular, and mobile homes.  Lavon, who answered the  phone, made it crystal clear in simple  to understand terms.  I made it clear I was not in  the market to buy.  I was amazed in  today’s world to find a person who did not sound too rushed to answer my questions even though I was not a potential purchaser.  She knew her stuff and acted like she cared about her business and about helping people.   I say, WOW !!!  Any company whose employees are as good to a non-client as Lavon was to me, must do a good job of making homes.

Deanna S. – Encinitas, CA |

LaVon is super cool, very smart and ready to help if you have questions about Manufactured Homes. LaVon has always provided better service than all the other dealers that I have talked to. She really goes out of her way to accommodate you quickly and always is very friendly and knows the business very well. We have known LaVon for several years and always look forward to talking to her. Thank you, LaVon!

Paul M. – El Cajon, CA | February 7, 2018

I absolutely loved my salesperson, Tony. He did an excellent job and was so helpful. He’ll be the first person I go to when I know I’m ready. I can’t tell you how nice and helpful he was. He answered every question I had and was so patient with me.”

Alberto and Rosie – Menifee, CA | January 31, 2018

Looking for some loan options, I ran into this extremely friendly lady named Lavon. They didn’t have what I needed, but she was kind enough to refer me elsewhere to get me rolling… Awesome experience !

Elizabeth T. Glendale, CA |

“We are currently living in a 55 years or older community but want to get out. We talked to Tim and once we sell our home we will go with Ma Williams and do a land/home package. I can’t say when we will do it, if we do, because we have to sell our place first.  Everything seemed good as far as the prices went. I will be in touch with Tim. He was excellent.”

Tony and Barbara J. – Menifee, CA | January 24, 2018

Me and my wife will definitely be revisiting Ma Williams in the near future. We liked this sales center the best over others. Our sales person Marie, was very nice and informative, we will be in contact with her.

Christian and Destiny M. – Inland Empire | January 12, 2018

I ran into this extremely friendly lady named LaVon. They didn’t have what I needed but she was kind enough to refer me elsewhere to get me rolling… Awesome experience!

Elizabeth T. – Glendale, CA |

We are most impressed with the Ma Williams sales center as of right now. The other sales centers required we have land before even speaking with us. We thought it was great how Ma Williams actually helps out with that process. We were provided with plenty of information.

Mikayla and Chad B. – San Bernardino County | December 29, 2017

LaVon is one of the most awesome agents I have ever worked with. Very knowledgeable, going the extra mile, staying late to show homes and providing so much valuable advice and information that you won’t find anywhere else! Go get em, LaVon!

Stephanie V. – Escondido, CA | December 28, 2017

Marie was beyond helpful!

Yvonne H. – Riverside County | December 9, 2017

Everyone here is very friendly and professional and are always willing to help! They are great with answering questions and in general are wonderful people to work with!

Marcella J. – Hemet, CA | November 2, 2017

We really liked Tim, he was great!

Josh and Alex B. – Ramona, CA | October 27, 2017

Tony was great and very helpful

Russell B. – Temecula, CA |

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